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Food is an essential part of life, but for many individuals, food is not only a necessity but a passion. When it comes for food blogs, the Internet is jam packed. The best food blogs out there today fall into five primary categories:

Specialty Foods – The blogs that fall into this category focus entirely on specialty foods, or food that is of a single kind, like preparing and cooking meat dishes, for example, or side dishes only.

Simple Meals –Simple meal planning and preparation blogs focus on quick and easy meals, often with an emphasis on preparing healthier and more robust home cooked meals in a short amount of time.

Foodie Specific – Foodie blogs are those in which the presentation and taste of food is paramount and may cover subjects related to restaurants, food-related travel tips and ideas, or how to prepare your own outstanding meals at home for satisfying your foodie fantasies and cravings.

Dietary Restrictions – These food blogs cover only those recipes, restaurant dishes and pre-packaged food items which meet a particular dietary restriction, whether they be Kosher foods, vegetarian or vegan meals, dishes appropriate for diabetics, gluten free cooking and baking methods, or any number of other dietary restriction related topics.

Specialty Cuisine – Specialty cuisine blogs discuss subjects related to ethnic or other special cuisine and never stray from that more narrow focus.

Cross Over Blogs

Granted, some of the best food blogs may fall under more than one of these umbrellas, like vegan foodie blogs which specifically provide recipes, restaurant reviews and other blog posts related to the ultimate presentation, taste and enjoyment of fantastic vegan cuisine.

Most of the best food blogs are in fact cross over blogs. The highly specialized content focus of these sites is one of the things that makes them so great. They often have a better visual presentation, as the blogger really has a passion for the subject matter, and the quality and usefulness of the content also reflects the blogger’s commitment to the niche topic.

The Best Food Blogs

It’s impossible to highlight all of the great blog sites out there, but here though are five exceptional blogs – one from each of the five best food blog categories.

Specialty Foods – Side Dishes and Accompaniments is a blog focusing entirely on side dish, sauce and other recipes that are not typically found on food related blog sites.

Simple Meals – Simple Recipes is exactly what it says, a blog focused on quick, simple and easy meals that are healthy and robust.

Foodie Specific – Dessert First: A Passion for Pastry is a foodie blog featuring scrumptious deserts only recipes, hints, images and related content.

Dietary Restrictions – The Post Punk Kitchen is an all vegan food blog that’s not only packed with exceptional recipes but also has a very impressive visual presentation.

Specialty Cuisine – Hooked on Heat has to be among the best food blogs in its niche, featuring modern and simple to prepare Indian inspired meals.

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