5 Best Music Blogs

As with any blogging niche, the best music blogs are authored or compiled by real music lovers – no matter the genre of music featured on the blog site. While in many niches, passion for the subject matter is paramount in creating a good blog, in the music niche, it takes much more than just a love of music. After all, every music lover is truly passionate about their tunes. A strong music blog site must be engaging, featuring not only downloadable tunes but excellent commentary, reviews and information of interest to other music lovers.

Apart from the Crowd

The average music blog is nothing but a storage spot for downloadable music – often illegal downloads at that. Most aren’t updated regularly and the majority contain little to no interesting content in terms of commentary, reviews or even news about the music scene.

What sets the list of five best music blogs apart from the crowd is the bloggers’ ability to write well, engage the audience, and capture the attention of music artists. The best music blogs are those in which music artists are also engaged – participating in interviews, providing downloadable music samples, and even performing live sessions for digital presentation on the blog site.

Music Blog Niche Focus

Some music bloggers are able to capture and maintain an audience with a multi-genre focus; however, this is the exception rather than the rule. In general, the best music blogs are ones in which the niche focus is somewhat narrow, featuring music, news and commentary on a single genre of music and the artists who produce within that genre.

The 5 Best Music Blogs

Sifting through all of the music blogs on the internet to find the true standouts can be time consuming and many music lovers – even the most passionate among the bunch – simply don’t have the time or the desire to do so. The sites on this list of the five best music blogs are such standouts that they’re not difficult to find at all and consistently provide up to date and engaging content for their followers.

  1. MOKB: My Old Kentucky Blog – This fresh and fun blog site, associated with Laundromatinee and MOKB Sirius, is never defunct of great commentary, dynamic content or free downloadable tunes. The site often features recording sessions and other music performances in addition to enjoyable blog posts and interesting news and other tidbits about the Indie Music Scene.
  2. Weekly Tape Deck – This funky and fresh music blog earns its stripes list of the five best music blogs thanks to its passion and presentation. Though a little light on news and commentary, the blog is nonetheless a beacon of light among all those bland music blogs out there today.
  3. Indie Music Filter – Always up on new hot topics and streaming great new bands and videos, this blog never fails to provide interesting content and entertaining commentary.
  4. Live Music Blog – This multi-genre music blog is an old-timer, having more than a decade of blog posts within its archives. The blog’s longevity is a testament to its overall quality and its blogger’s exceptional coverage of the live music scene.
  5. Arjan Writes – This blog is a real stand out thanks to its simple but engaging presentation style and multi-genre coverage. What it lacks in graphics and other “flash”, it makes up for with its quality commentary and insightful reviews, ensuring its placement among the list of the top five music blogs for the foreseeable future.


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