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5 Best Street Style Blogs

Photographer by Tommy Ton

If you are a blogger, photographer or admirer for fashion, you may be able to benefit from street style and fashion photography blogs. There are thousands of street style blogs available for you to look at and review. With that many options, you may become overwhelmed and waste a lot of time and fashion photography blogs that are less than subpar. Below are the highest top rated street style blogs on the Internet.

1. Coco’s Tea Party

This is a London based fashion blog based on the opinions of a fashionista named Ella. Unlike many fashion photography blogs, Ella understands the importance of not only capturing the fashion, but the quality of the photograph, as well. This top rated street style blog is becoming increasingly popular due to Emma’s quick wit and humorous commentary.

2. Fashion Photography Blog

The Fashion Photography Blog takes the commitment to being one of the top resources for fashion photography. This blog is about more than fashion. It offers people who are interested in becoming a fashion photographer, lighting tutorials, tips and discussions about the current market trends.

3. JakandJil

Photographer Tommy Ton has solidified himself as THE most coveted street style photographer as his blog of stunning images has gained more and more interest. Everyone wants to get their hands on the buzzworthy blogger.

4. Japanese Streets

When people think about high fashion, some do not think about Japan. However, the Japanese Street blogs goes above and beyond traditional street style blogs. Each outfit on the Japanese Streets receives its own photo shoot. Not only does this blog showcase outfits, but it showcases the hair, makeup and accessories as well. It is obvious to see that this street style blog takes pride in not only the fashion that they are representing, but the photos that they are posting, as well.

5. Marian Kihogo

Anyone that is interested in fashion knows that name Marian Kihogo. As one of the top fashion editors, and celebrity stylists in the country, Marian Kihogo has a special eye for fashion. This street style blog does not just offer a few photos and opinions on current trends, but is able to share thoughtful insight as an industry leader. This street style blog is the perfect place for potential fashion photographers to gain sound information and tips on what is hot to wear, and how to properly take a photo.




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